So Happy I Could Die
31.12.2013 в 15:42
Пишет Tora Tallium:

#321 Aeterna Amentia. fanmix 4 - Illusio permanentia. Part 1.

[Disappointed in you] Two Steps From Hell – Master of Shadows
[Acquaintance with Kaito] If These Trees Could Talk – Trirty-Six Silos
[Disputes] X-Ray Dog – The System
[Beyond the control] Collapse Under The Empire – Distance
[Chess and invisibility] Maybeshewill – Takotsubo
[Drowse] Celldweller – Subterra
[Mysterious business] God Is An Astronaut – When Everything Dies
[Betrayal?] Epic Score – Time Will Remember Us
[She's guilty] Hans Zimmer – Gotham's Reckoning
[Unfair indictment] T.T.L. – Beyond Fire

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