So Happy I Could Die
30.06.2013 в 18:58
Пишет Tora Tallium:

#160 Aeterna Amentia. fanmix 3 - Modos irrationalis.

[Faint in subspace] Steve Jablonsky – I Rise, You Fall
[You are not alone] Marco Beltrami – Wales
[Just another Fight] Epic Score – Nothing Is Certain
[Meetings with Empress] Two Steps From Hell – Calamity
[Stealing of a spaceship] Celldweller – Shut Em Down
[Time to make a decision] Collapse Under The Empire – When The Day Fades Away
[Little victory] Audiomachine – Exit Strategy
[Hue and cry] Hans Zimmer – If You Love These People
[Unlucky] Superhuman – Icarus
[When everything becomes nothing] Muse – The 2nd Law: Isolated System (Instrumental)

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