So Happy I Could Die
07.04.2013 в 20:02
Пишет Tora Tallium:

#107 Aeterna Amentia. fanmix 2 - Elimination errorum.

[Lowering in a rank] Audiomachine - Young Blood
[Melancholy] Future World Music - Sin And Restitution
[Mria's Trainings] Exxasens - Helios
[Subspace Swirls] Two Steps From Hell - Strength of a Thousand Men
[Runaway from Eternity] Celldweller - Narrow Escape
[He is watching me] Collapse Under The Empire - 180 Seconds
[Double Shady Deal] X-Ray Dog - Screaming Souls
[AQUA] If These Trees Could Talk - Deus Ex Machina
[Search and Fight] Jack Trammell (Pillars of Creation) - Selfless
[Loosing Flamma] Joseph Trapanese - Phoenix Rising

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