So Happy I Could Die
27.03.2013 в 20:09
Пишет Tora Tallium:

#98 Aeterna Amentia. fanmix 1 - defectum post defectu.

[Forward to the Stars] X-Ray Dog - Hope Always
[Chasing Phantoms] Immediate Music - Avenger
[Spaceships in Confrontation] Critical Mass - Requiem of the Gods
[Red Alert] Audiomachine (Drumscores) - Earth Shaker
[Escape from Flamma] Celldweller - The Wings of Icarus
[Lost and Found] Maybeshewill - He Films the Clouds Pt.2
[House of Sorrows] TTL - Deep Shadows
[Suspense] Hans Zimmer - The Shadows Betray You
[Subspace Disaster] Steve Jablonsky - The Cybertronian War
[Let's have a Deal] Two Steps From Hell - False King

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