So Happy I Could Die
26.03.2013 в 19:46
Пишет Tora Tallium:

#97 Trapped fanmix
Я ещё не дописала фанфик, но уже решила сделать по нему фанмикс, я гениальна.

01 [Xander’s answer] Celldweller – Ursa Minor (Electron Mix)
02 [Mria’s doubt] Halou – It Will All Make Sense In The Morning
03 [Olivia’s memory] Audiomachine – Triumph and Loss
04 [Iril/Kaede: love] The Notwist – Consequence
05 [Neah/Lam: conversely] God is an Astronaut – Suiside by Star
06 [Sai’s way] 12 Stones – This Dark Day
07 [Victor’s advantage] X-Ray Dog – String Tek
08 [Rival/Misaki/Vincent: confrontation] Seether – Driven Under
09 [Yana/Yana: complication] One Star Closer – Her Name Was Tragedy
10 [Kaito’s despair] April or Nil – Proxima Centauri

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